About Me

This is what I do.


It seems like an easy task to make a computer application that shows simple pictures to a non-verbal person to point and convey a need or concept. The major hurdle is when you fold in both apraxia and aphasia - where words and even visuals do not match what a person wants to convey. For me, I knew what a bannana and a hairbrush were but I could not point to which one was which. 


About the time I was recovering but still incapable of speech, I made this sketch of a software interface I vowed to write if I ever recovered.



Even though I made this simple layout for something I needed right away, what I didnt know was that I wouldnt have the ability to use it for comunication. I had the ability to sketch out subsets of core essentials, who, what, where, yet I didnt have the ability to point and chain "Ask Mom for my shoes in the living room". So, how to solve the disconnect...?