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The Thing. Mystery of the Desert.


What's through that evil entrance??!!!!!

By saving putting yourselves in harm's way, Pam and I threw caution to the wind, braved through the exhibit to quell your curiosity, and we even ponyed up the exorbitant fee of $1.00.

The Thing.



We made it through the frightening archway and entered the courtyard only to notice the authentic footprints left behind by The Thing. The prints must be at least 13” long telling you how huge The Thing must be. Still, we were unfazed as to what lay ahead.





What the hell is this?
This long steel barn was lined with a bizarre collection of dusty, random crap – The Smithsonian of Arizona perhaps. This first area...
let's just walk down it - words can't do this place justice.



Let's enjoy our stroll through dusty cars and paper mache cattle. One bizzare plaques claims that one of these cars here was one of Hilter's personal vehicles, right here in Dragoon Arizona!

Alright! Last lame buggy before the oh-so out of place Theatre Olde de Torture!



Thought I was kidding huh?


What IS this place?!!!! As you can see in this historically accurate set - life was wonderfull unless you were busty maiden with a red dress. "For SHAME!!!!!!"



"Catholicism! Sounds great, tell me more!"



Feeling enlightened so far? Lets keep this party goin', next lair please..




That was close. Now we break from our program of masochism and religious conversion and enter the fine arts building. Cue the barroque music please!

Those foot prints are a sure sign that The Thing had time for the finer things. The padlocked room is where the curator keeps the really rare findings.








Dear baby Jesus!



Ok I can't take the driftwood cubist style a second longer, let's skip to the cream of the artist crop before we hit up The Thing!



Amateur hour is over and it is time to show you the good stuff, stay together. No shoving.

wait for it.........



The diarrhea diorama. $1.00 for this!



Only Ralph Gallagher could make wood carvings from solid wood.
Note: Ralph is an artist.





It's official, I just shit my pants.

Getting sucked dry by culture... Surely The Thing must be close by...


Phew, a nice welcoming rustic cabin to warm our hearts. Can't wait to see what inside... EEEaaack!



The world's nastiest brothel bedrooms brought back to life. Ya play a little piano with your friend there, then hop on the bed and soil the hell out of them their sheets! Yippeeeee, bbrrrrrraappt




Kidding me? Gross! Might have to make an "Add your own caption here" submission form for this picture.


BS !!!!



That's all folks, time for the main event! Just around the corner lies the biggest mystery in the town of Dragoon Arizona, just south of I-10. Kiss your loved ones one more time - it's time to see
The Thing!!!!!



There it is, graffiti and all.


If you scroll down further you'll have this image burned into your psyche for life.








You've been warned...














Whoops, wrong picture.


















It's a mummy with a demon baby. It's horrible. Vomit if you need to.




Dear God - why doesn't the NSA, CIA, FBI, HAZAMAT, or some other group get down here and bust this missing persons case WIDE OPEN? Ahhhh.... I can't write anymore.....f f feeling the life drain out of me.....




The Thing apparently foresaw "Enternity Wood" and covered up with its handy rice hat. As for the stains.....??