About Me

This is what I do.

I've been wanting to combine a few favorite hobbies, woodworking and physics, and dive head first into a project I know nothing about - sailboats. I have been thinking about dusting off the old RC gear and configuring it for small-scale sailing for a long time, so I thought I'd build a boat over the winter. There's something unbelievably rewarding about building something like this from scratch, even more so if you tackle something that you know has a significant probability of failure . This is definitely a boat that is much better built than bought... IF IT WORKS.






Off for the materials at a bargain price

diy rc boat - free recycled wood



Pick of the heap...plenty to choose from if you get creative (and a small budget)

diy rc boat - free recycled wood



The printed template cut out

diy rc boat - template


2nd layer, or what ever sea people call it/them

diy rc boat - template 2



diy rc boat



diy rc boat



diy rc boat



diy rc boat - Screwing the layers together for glueing



diy rc boat - Rough hollow outs



diy rc boat - Begin shaping



diy rc boat



diy rc boat



diy rc boat - Attaching a fence guide for the keel cut



diy rc boat - Scary keel cut!



diy rc boat - Scariest 20 seconds of my life



diy rc boat - mid shaping