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Driving in July, 2012 after some weird combination of getting strep throat and adding Lyrica. There were a million other factors that were, maybe, contributing. Anyway after a good block of  rest I hopped in my car and took a few pics of the exact street I had driven on earlier that day (double benefit was the McD's apple pies I snagged). Slapped in the SD card into the computer, fired up Photoshop, and closed my eyes to recreate what it was like to drive back earlier in the day. I actually described, out loud, what I was seeing while I drove down Speedway Blvd.  Colors, visual distortion, amount of field of view, panning latency, focus,  depth of field....

I remember everything being directionally streaky outside of the center of view, like the picture I recreated.



=====================   Disturbing concept art for my journal below !!!!! =============

The scenes that played out during my stint in the various hospitals were so awful - I managed to scrawl in journals even before I was able to walk or feed myself. The quality of the journal sketches, some were quickly done on scraps of paper found in the room, was legible at best but the visual details are crystal clear to this day. Below is an unordered collection of journal scribblings and refined renderings of what I saw around me at various times. I wont be adding any background captions to the images as they will be used as book assets as I go along.








Here is where it gets crazy - the sketches and other notes were
mostly done when I was whacked out in the ER or in a coma, around 2001


This is exactly how the hospital looked to me. I made this rendering based on scratched out journal entries fourteen years ago. The creepy thing is that the description
copy in the sketch book was date before I could walk, talk, speak or write myown name.  



A sketch I don't remember doing.



A more recent pen and ink done based on the description found in the sketchbook.



Another sketch done based on my notes.


A uber-depressing description of how I apprently thought I was handled. Again, a later drawing based on notes.



One of the pages in the sketchbook



About the time I was recovering but still incapable of speach, I made this sketch of a software interface I vowed to write if I ever recovered.