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This is what I do.

The AVM Museum is an online virtual walkthrough of brain related information, including a working 3d MRI machine simulator. Still in the begining phase of its slow evolution but it marries my interest in the subject with web and 3D Studio design. The websites last incarnation, dating back to 2009, was produced in Flash and Joomla. Since then jQuery, Drupal, HTML5 video have evolved past the point of giving me the ability to recreate it here... just need the time. Till then, here are screens of the working site:

Enter the Museum (in early progress)

Welcome to the lobby.
Hotspots on the image map trigger prerendered video streams within a Flash object container 


Side room #1
Each room contained a differnt topic or feature


...after clicking on a region, contextual information would display


Side room #2


Museum floor wide view. The glass-screen podiums displayed YouTube clips on various AVM relatd topics from Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic


The 3D MRI Simulator
Experience all the sights and sounds of an MRI scan from your web browser 

After the optional technological and historical screens, the MRI room allowed you to enter and immersive 3D simlulator. It was one of the 
key features that made me want to make the site as many people I've met have feared the possibility of entering an MRI without knowing
what its actually like. I felt silly replicating the noises and visually describing the experience, that was an awesome software challenge !










Click to

What is it like to be in an MRI machine?
(Enter MRI Simulator)





The new museum design is done 
Test radiosity renders below














Enter the Museum (in early progress)