Drupal 8 views for related taxonomy term

One feature that is handy is the ability to display a list of similar or "You may also like" titles/links when a given node is displayed. Heres how you do it!

Create a new content based block view - give it a nice name, Related Items (or something) add title, image and body fields to it. We will need to use 2 contextual filters. Id and Has taxonomy term id.

Configure Id filter as following:


Embedding other peoples Picasa slidesshows

I just got this to work!

Find a webpage that has the Picasa slideshow you want to grab for your page or node.

Paste it into a TEXT editor, just in case any funky characters sneak through

"View Source" on the bad boy and look for the object tag.

Look for the "feed=" declaration and grab the path that comes after.

Change Width and Height to suit your needs.

Create/Edit your Drupal article


Display the Author Name instead of the UID in Views

When using views, there isn't a field token to add a user/authors name instead of the author's UID... pretty frustrating scanning through a ton of articles in a grid trying to identify a user by a single integer. Alas -  there is a way to display the actual user name!


Pull up your View in progress and Go to 'Relationships' located under the 'Advanced' options and click 'add'



Select the option 'Content: Author' and apply


Adding a local font to your Drupal site

Again - font embedding took me a while to Google so here are the quick steps, will elaboarte later.


1) Grab the Font your Face module : https://www.drupal.org/project/fontyourface

2) Get over the fact that the module name is quite gross

3) Enable, tweak permissions if you have any access trouble with the various setting screens

4) Upload your font files : admin/config/user-interface/fontyourface/local_fonts

---- For this example, lets use:

Font Information


Wrong Email values with Webform Calculation Components

The Drupal Change of Major pre-qualification calculator.

This is a watered down explanation of my solution to an issue I had with the Drupal Webform Calculation Components. The module works well - its a little tricky getting set up and the explanation of configuring the "Calculation - Hidden", "Calculation - Numeric", and "Formula" fields was not helpful. The chaos came when I discovered that the email AND db table values did not match the calculated form screen.