Building a Solar Wood Drying Kiln

It's cold in Maine.  People heat with wood and it's not uncommon for wood stoves to be used 12 months a year.  People burn between 9 to 12 cords of wood per year, but we only use wood for a fire pit we enjoy on the deck.  All of our wood comes from our property (so far) and is from newly chain-sawed trees.  After the first burn - I discovered that green wood is useless except for making smoke.  A little googleing gave me the bad news that wood takes a whole season to dry after cutting. Doh! Time to experiment with solar dehydration!

Maine relocation Timeline

Timeline of events

Feb 2016 - Made plans to visit Grandparents in Maine during Kyan's spring break. Planned to meet area school administrators to size up the cites. A few weeks before the flight, Pam and I secure interviews.

March 18-27 - Arrive in Lewiston late Fri evening

                      - Monday: Snow. Off to Portland for Pam's NHRI interview, JS walks around in the snow for two hours (weird Bigfoot Museum, Portland Art Gallery, photography.