Rock Tumbler Sound Proof Box

The only drag with this hobby is the sound the tumbler makes for months on end. Its not really a problem for me, as the tumbler is in the shed... but I feel bad for the neighbors. There are tons of articles on sound dampening techniques and Ive tried several, including a plywood box covered with carpet samples. I like the idea of using styrofoam insulation because it easy to work with, has minimal resonance across all audio frequencies, and its non-flamible.

Super Rock Tumbler

Super Rock Tumbler

After running a tumbler for over a year, practically non-stop, I got to see where the wear points and heating issues were coming from. I sat down with some paper and drew up what my dream tumbler would be. Some of the specifications and major improvements over my Harbor Freight 6lbs model would be:

Continuous running
All bearings to be replace nylon bushings
Fan cooled
Adjustable roller spans
Sound-dampening enclosure 

Rock Tumbling Basics

So you are interested in making tumble-polished gemstones? That’s great! I would like to show you how easy it is to turn the rocks shown on the left side of the photo at right into the tumbled gemstones shown on the right side of the photo. We will go step-by-step through the tumbling process using plenty of photos -- so that you will understand exactly how it is done.