Modern Jesus

What if Jesus was walking around today. Still the same great ( fill in your own label ) yet zipping around North America and not so serious, aka "Jesusy". I mean he must had had a few laughs in elementary school or put a flesh-eating beetle in someones sleeping bag. Cant you see a sandal wearing teacher saying, "Come now Jesus, turn ye frown upside down."



12 Tips to block out noise and quiet your mind

What’s that noise?

Oh, it’s the million things on the Internet screaming for your attention, it’s your colleagues and family all wanting a piece of your time, it’s the distractions upon distractions that push and pull you in every direction.

Boy it can get overwhelming trying to please everyone, but in doing so you end up neglecting the most important person in your life…


It’s time to give yourself some of your own quality time, rather than succumbing to all the distractions in your life.


eBay Lone Chest Hair

Hmmm, I could elaborate on the background of this but I think you should come away with your own opinion. The winning bidders name was blurred to protect privacy, no one should be condemed for collecting hair. By the way, this auction did take place!

The Actual eBay Auction
(See Below for the shipping preparation)

ebay chest hair