DIY GoPro Aerial Photography Inventions

"Inventions" really mean invention attempts. After four brilliant builds - none yielding clear, elevated photos from the GoPro Session.  The goal was to find an alternate to the original camera kite, as Maine has ceased all consistent wind for the past two weeks. I want something I can chuck straight up that has a slowed descent while having a small footprint so I can keep it in the car.

Hopefully, more success happens further down the page.  Let's start recapping the failures first...


Halloween 2013 skeleton marionette

The goal is pretty obvious this year, but may be a lot more trouble. I'm getting tired of the clunkly, pivoting haunts I always see every year on the DIY blogs as well (as my own lame attempts) and always marveled at the fluidity of puppets. There is something organic and random about a dangling, controlled structure - I just want to know if you can have that visual impact with the constraints of only using a single motor. Yes I could buy several and have  them set for all kinds of whacky phases but I think the single motor limit is what is driving me this year.

Maine Challenges

Things that make living in Maine a nightmare

Maine Sucks


I'm not talking about a "missing Allen wrench in my Ikea bookshelf" nightmare, I'm saying these things keep me up at night, cause health issues, cost money, and flat out have me pissed off all the time. The worst part of this is that we have to deal with each and one of the aforementioned pests.

[ ticks ]

[ mice ]

Large Rocket Design

With the myriad of model rockets on the market – picking one as your next build is really tough if you are looking for a specific look and class. Rockets are expensive so, for once, I’m going to design one from scratch. Below are the sorted photos of the build, notes on what’s going on to follow…

Large model rocket development