My AVM Timeline



Like most of you, I’ve compiled piles and piles of notes ( in the stitched photo above, each black block is a month ) , synced with a tower of medical bills into a picture of my medical story. As soon as I could hold a pen I began to record not only the  milestones of recovery but more importantly, what I experienced. The latter really doesn’t have anything to do with the process of AVM recovery but illustrates the actual ‘alternate realities’ that I existed in during the crucial first three months after my crash.

            After a two month long periods of increasing sleepiness and dizziness, I began a series of MRIs at top facilities in the Los Angeles area. In the fall of 1999 I was diagnosed with a small arterial ventricle malformation (AVM) located in the left parietal area of his brain and was slated for surgery the next month.

(in progress interactive version)