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Maine relocation Timeline

Timeline of events

Feb 2016 - Made plans to visit Grandparents in Maine during Kyan's spring break. Planned to meet area school administrators to size up the cites. A few weeks before the flight, Pam and I secure interviews.

March 18-27 - Arrive in Lewiston late Fri evening

                      - Monday: Snow. Off to Portland for Pam's NHRI interview, JS walks around in the snow for two hours (weird Bigfoot Museum, Portland Art Gallery, photography. 

                      - Lots of schools

                     - JS Interview @ Redfin.

                     - Pam job offer before departure

April 13th, Wed - JS 12:00pm ->1:00pm  in the UofA parking garage - phone interview with the University of New England in my car

              - JS 2:00pm - Begin a University-wide web presentation on "Reponsive Design", 2:15 the phone rings w/request to fly out for an interview on Monday. UNE did not offer to pay for the flight but conveyed that I was the first pick, rolled the dice and bought the ticket for the second trip.

April 16th - Late Sat/Sunday arrival in ME.

                - Mon 18th, 1:15-2:15 Interview w/VP & Director of Commincations. 2:30-3:00 Met with the team. UofA reference phone vetted, job offer extended.

                - Agreed to start June 6th

                - Plan to prep the house and drive cross country on May 26th after Kyan's last day of school 

April 22nd - Paniced phone call from UNE to move up the start date a month. Airfare and relo offered to expidite a May 9th start date. 

                 - All hell breaks loose for Tucson house sale prep fesability. Pam to do while working fulltime and Kyan being out of school.

May 7th - Back in Maine, May 9th - first day at the University of New England



More unsorted photos 



The Cubes arrives


The house before and after


Freeport Townhouse