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What is magnet fishing?

magnet fishing



Basically, magnet fishing is a kind of new hobby where you take a special neodymium-magnet, mostly with an eyelet, tie a rope to it and throw it in water like lakes, rivers, creeks or oceans. Then you pull it back out of the water and hopefully acquired a lot of hidden treasures. Well, thats what magnet fishing is... time will tell if I can getting things out of the water where I live.




I just ordered a "beginner rig" (a 400lbs strength magnet and a 100ft rope) during Amazon Prime Day for $25. 

amazon magnet fishing rig



magnet fishing rig
Ok I had to make a winder... planning on a tangly mess.


Whoa - this is a pretty boring hobby so far. Spent a few hours at the cabin and nothing. Well a little rebar and bizzarely ferous rocks, pictures to come.