Initial Sewing experiments

After a few days of getting my Mom's Singer 201 up and running - I decided to keep a journal, of sorts, documenting my clumsy projects.


7/17/18 - Lunch tote





Not the best seam control... hopefully this is just a lack of practice.



Grim Reaper Cloak

I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to sewing. Kites and test scraps don't count. As all the Spjrt Halloween store start populating the vacant Toys R Us spaces, I remember having an old handmade grim reaper cloak when I was a volunteer at the local Chamber of Ccommerce fundraising haunted house. Made by one of the group's wives, one of 80 made for us high school students cast as "haunts" scattered about the labyrinth, i used it for years until i lost track of it. I remember the heavy, flowing cloak handmade quality and the desire to, someday, be able to make things with a sewing machine. Imagine being able to make anything that pops to mind!

20180717_205607.jpgSimple #1

Simple #220180717_205607.jpg

Simple #320180717_205648.jpg