Trying to eat eat a hotdog (at Circle K, break from Funtown) with a crumbly bun, "Really Daddy! I cant eat this - this bun is so shabby"

Watching Iron Man - scene on the private plane with the stewardess' dancing on the pole wearing outfits with exposed mid-driffs. "Daddy jump in there and give them zerburts!"

See a first aid station, "Look! A Health House"

Sea star... meant starfish

Dead center.... meant cemetery

Kyan _ there is nothing bigger than a human.
Mommy _ there's lots of stuff, like and elephant.
K y an _ let me rephrase.

Pam : "Kyan I'm going to the store. If you dont listen to Daddy, no book."
Kyan : "What if I dont listen just a little bit"

When doing homework "I cant write anymore, i hit my head at school" 3/31/15

Per the call from the elementary school principal:
Kyan was in his designated line with his class, shuffling forward lead by the teacher.
As the boy behind him begins bumping/pushing, Kyan exclaims: "Stop pushing me with your penis!" 10/24/2014

Pam : Kyan wanted to know why we didnt have a birthday cake for Daddy. "Daddy's not a big fan of cake."
Kyan : <silence> "well, I'm a big fan of cake."

Kyan blowing bubbles while a baby girl across the street is crying cause she cant come over to play. "Shes crying cause shes not me."

"Mommy I'm crying, I need some love - not from Daddy! I'm waiting........"

Kyan watching Tiger Woods on TV, "Daddy thats you." Me thinking its a great shot, "Why?". Kyan, "Cause hes so so dark."

After Kyan's head hit the sofa... Mommy, "Whats wrong?". "Owww, my bone came off"

After being told to go to bed "Mommy you broke my heart..." 5/25/2013

"Why's the corn super hairy?" 4/14/2013

Passing right next to a woman with a buzz cut in the mall, "Daddy look at that fat man, quick look." 2/11/2013

"I dont want chicken, i want something good." 12/14/2012

After clapping hands loaded with the foam purple soap "Are you going to tell Jonathan?" 12/05/2012

"Poop stinks"

Looking at his poop "Looks like meatballs" 10/10/2012

Wanting to go back inside when the 4th fireworks start, "I can't like that"

Looking at the McDonald's milk jug with Ronald surfing on a wave of milk, "Daddy what's that lady doing?"

"Mommy can you put this show on my tablet?"
"Yes, not now"
"Mommy can you put this other show on my tablet?"
Yes, not now"
"Mommy can you put this other show on my tablet?"
"Yes Kyan I can do anything on the tablet"
"...not when your dead, youll just be lying there"