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Kite aerial photography (KAP) is a hobby and a type of photography. A camera is lifted using a kite and is triggered either remotely or automatically to take aerial photographs. The camera rigs can range from the extremely simple, consisting of a trigger mechanism with a disposable camera, to complex apparatus using radio control and digital cameras. On some occasions, it can be a good alternative to other forms of aerial photography.


The old schoo Picavet Pendulum suspension

This simple leveling method involves suspending the camera from a rigid length of material below the kite line. Gravity naturally keeps the rig level, irrespective of the angle of the kite line. 

Too much work!!!

Times have changed and cameras have gotten faster and lighter. The picavets were the thing when you had to hoist up a film camera with a mechanical timer, but nowadays - you yank up a GoPro shooting HD stills twice a second with an effective shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second. With that kind of speed, a rig like the one below should work beautifully!