Responsive snippets

Snatch and grab... these are just just my grab bag.

Hide those blocks at break points:

<div class="hidden-xs hidden-sm">


<h1 class="text-align-center">Working on</h1>


In case of emergency, break glass.... the inline style sheet.


Embedding other peoples Picasa slidesshows

I just got this to work!

Find a webpage that has the Picasa slideshow you want to grab for your page or node.

Paste it into a TEXT editor, just in case any funky characters sneak through

"View Source" on the bad boy and look for the object tag.

Look for the "feed=" declaration and grab the path that comes after.

Change Width and Height to suit your needs.

Create/Edit your Drupal article


Display the Author Name instead of the UID in Views

When using views, there isn't a field token to add a user/authors name instead of the author's UID... pretty frustrating scanning through a ton of articles in a grid trying to identify a user by a single integer. Alas -  there is a way to display the actual user name!


Pull up your View in progress and Go to 'Relationships' located under the 'Advanced' options and click 'add'