My second surgery in 2009

We’re going to use this blog to update everyone on what’s happening with Jonathan’s surgery preparation, surgery and recovery over the coming months.

Some basic info on how to use the site:

We’ve broken the site into 3 categories — General Info, Surgery Updates and Recovery Updates. This way you can click on the category (either in the sidebar to the right, in the dropdown menu or below each post it tells you what category that post is in and you can click it there) to get the latest info.


eBay Lone Chest Hair

Hmmm, I could elaborate on the background of this but I think you should come away with your own opinion. The winning bidders name was blurred to protect privacy, no one should be condemed for collecting hair. By the way, this auction did take place!

The Actual eBay Auction
(See Below for the shipping preparation)

ebay chest hair