Things made to be looked at

"Design" is pretty broad, arrogant word coming from a non-fine arts grad. I'll leave my use of "design" a verb and let others decide the artistic value, either way, the love of making eye-candy is terminal.



Visual Language Toolkit


It seems like an easy task to make a computer application that shows simple pictures to a non-verbal person to point and convey a need or concept. The major hurdle is when you fold in both apraxia and aphasia - where words and even visuals do not match what a person wants to convey. For me, I knew what a bannana and a hairbrush were but I could not point to which one was which. 


AVM Museum Project

The AVM Museum is an online virtual walkthrough of brain related information, including a working 3d MRI machine simulator. Still in the begining phase of its slow evolution but it marries my interest in the subject with web and 3D Studio design. The websites last incarnation, dating back to 2009, was produced in Flash and Joomla. Since then jQuery, Drupal, HTML5 video have evolved past the point of giving me the ability to recreate it here... just need the time.