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My favorite Nerdfest! The challenge was everyone was given a small Jesus "Action Figure"  (or they could pick Edgar Allen Poe if they were offended at strapping Jesus to a big rocket) and keeping him aloft for the longest period of time. No balloons or magnets and it certainly didn't have to be a store bought rocket. The challenge: The "action figure" has to be selected from the primary list of six figures chosen for the contest, selection sheet is being circulated for final orders. You might want to buy two for testing damage. Jetpack Jesus


Chris R     = Obsessive Compulsive Guy Action Figure
Jonathan    = Jesus Action Figure
Dave        = Obsessive Compulsive Guy Action Figure
Mark        = Jesus Action Figure
Brett       = Jesus Action Figure
Nick        = Van Gogh Action Figure
Michael     = Moses Action Figure
Jason       = Jesus Action Figure



Contest Goals

Contest #1 - Longest time aloft
Contest #2 - Funniest misfired launch (as judged by group, no voting for self)

Rules and Restrictions

 1. No balloon style devices(common sense clause)

2. Devices must be self functioning after initial launch(ex. no radio controlled devices)

3. The device may not be tethered to anything once it has been launched.

4. The device must be primarily designed by the contestant but can still can enlist outside advice and/or steal from the internet

5. No modifications to action figure allowed – common sense clause

6. Accessories (Jesus' loaves of bread )do NOT have to accompany action figure

7. Survival and recovery of action figure is not required








You must win one of the official contests, otherwise shut up and take one of these punishment options:

· Option #1: Die hair blonde or black (group’s choice) and maintain the color for 5 work days (no taking time off)

· Option #2: All of the items below

· The loser goes to the Park Place Mall food court and, one at a time, takes the Asian guys chicken sample on the toothpick... until he objects or says, "No more". Then simply take one more.

· Must place an 8.5" x 11" sign reading "Honk, I’m a Loser" in the rear window of their car for a period of one week. The sign is to be designed with "creative" input from the other contestants.

· Must wear Dave’s Willy Nelson bandana/hair braids thing in the office for an entire workday, including lunch. Evidence of remove for any period will require the punishment to be redone again.

· The loser must carry a helium balloon for a full workday nonstop in the office.

· Must get a chair massage from the Mall Massage guy in the chair closest to the main window.

· Must wear one dress shoe and one sneaker for 5 day work week.

· Wash every contestants car windows at 11:30 on a workday

· Go to the Mall McDonalds and order:

-A Big Mac, no meat


A Filet O' Fish with no fish

· Do jumping jacks for 2mins in the kids play area of the mall. Stopping resets the clock, start over.

· Ask one stranger at the lunch location of the groups choice and ask ,"Are you going to eat that?"






Jetpack Jesus Losers

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