Lost Treasure of Captain Calsmouth: Freeport's Pirate Most Foul

PictureLegend has it that Calsmouth's Cove and the Captain's treasure may be found buried beneath the ash of an archway.

The town of Freeport, Maine was once a part of North Yarmouth called Harraseeket, after the Harraseeket River. First settled about 1700, it was set off and incorporated on February 14, 1789 as Freeport. It is probably named "from the openness of its harbor" (free from ice). 

Freeport developed as five villages—Mast Landing, Porter's Landing, South Freeport, and Freeport Corner. The fifth village, known locally as Calsmouth's Cove was private territory controlled by the filthiest pirate of them all, Captain Calsmouth. Historians say that the Cove was marked by a beautiful archway, constructed by Captain Calsmouth's prisoners.