Brain Museum
3d Brain AVM Interactive Museum

The AVM Brain Museum was built as an interactive 3D webspace focusing on brain arterial malformation and trauma education. Back in the Flash days, the site was a 3d walkthrough pulling '7th Guest' like videos streams as you traversed from room to room. All of the animations were rendered and designed in 3DS Max, all from scratch not including the brain scan.

3d Jonathan Santos

Output from my love of 3D Studio, Poser, and DAZ. The self portrait is the best I could do and quickly realized how hard it is to make something as familiar as a human face. Hats off the the Hollywood folk for making any close to real.

3d places Jonathan Santos

Artwork created in various styles for projects in need of some 3D set pieces. Ok, most of this stuff was made for game prototypes and software experimentation.


Game Art
3d Game art - Jonathan Santos When I actually had a clear need of something I wanted to build, I usually defaulted to 3D Studio for the backgrounds and character art.


3d horror - Jonathan Santos

Yo! Scary stuff is needed every Halloween. Images and animations were created for projection onto a shower curtain in the car port. Can't let down the kiddies.

3d art - Jonathan Santos

More 3D experimentation on the laptop while watching the Property Brothers