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Aug 5 2016 - 3:48am - ► ...and a new bike. Excited about the "Portland Escape Room" the awaits at the work retreat next week. We will also be taking Personality Inventories - stay tuned for those revelations.
Jul 15 2016 - 7:37pm - ► 07/15/16 - Kyan just got outfitted with his first fishing rig at L.L. Bean! Nicer than any rod/reel ive ever had.
Jul 13 2016 - 7:40pm - ► 07/13/16 - Still unpacking... trying not to panic from not know where all my stuff is
Jul 5 2016 - 11:15am - Hmmm. First day commuting from  Freeport, though it would have felt a lot shorter as its half the distance than Im used to. First Photoshop prank today... too bad this content type doesnt allow image attachments. ToDo
Jul 3 2016 - 11:10am - OMG - Only day three into the unpacking from the cubes to the townhouse and I feel like an actor in a "Ive fallen..." commercial.

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People standing next to their net worth in cash

People standing next to their net worth in cash People standing next to their net worth in cash This is what kicked off this "Visualize...

The Thing - Dragoon Arizona

  What's through that evil entrance??!!!!! By saving putting yourselves in harm's way, Pam and I threw caution to...

AVM Museum Project

The AVM Museum is an online virtual walkthrough of brain related information, including a working 3d MRI machine simulator. Still in the begining...

Rock Tumbler Sound Proof Box

The only drag with this hobby is the sound the tumbler makes for months on end. Its not really a problem for me, as the tumbler is in the shed......

My Risky Scientology Visit

Risky Scientology Visit     Three-plus decades before HBO’s “Going Clear” documentary aired, the subject of Scientology and...

Disney Haunted Mansion "Moving Eyes" Animatronic

Creating the Disney Haunted Mansion "Moving Eyes" Animatronic View video of the final piece    ...

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